Christmas “Break” – Blog Update

It’s been a while since I last posted on here, for the pure and simple reason that University has been extremely hectic these last few weeks, and not just because of architecture (although that is the main reason). Deadlines, radio extravaganzas and end of term socials have accumulated to some fantastic yet manic weeks in Nottingham, and I’m sure that won’t be slowing down over the Christmas “break”, cue the inverted commas.

Christmas is hands down my favourite time of the year – the list of reasons as to why is too long to list so I won’t delve into them today – but with the end of third year and our undergraduate degree looming, the amount, and complexity of work, is starting to steadily incline. It’s also getting to that time where all undergraduate architecture students have to begin thinking about their Part 1 year-out and where they see themselves/want to be in the next few years. With that comes portfolio preparation, as well as the excitement, nerves and weeks of waiting to see how our applications turn out. But before all that a lot of work and effort needs to be put in, this being the point I am at now hence the slightly dim viewpoint of the immediate future.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, it as an exciting time and hopefully in a few weeks there’ll be a post on here saying how well it all went! Final thing to mention, my portfolio will be online by the end of January including most of my studio work that’s been completed during my time at University. I probably won’t get much chance to blog over the Christmas period, so Happy Christmas to everyone reading and hope you have a great New Year!


British Airways’ Digital Billboard @ Piccadilly Circus

Very clever new digital advertising from BA on one of the infamous billboards at Piccadilly Circus. So simple in its idea, yet will definitely catch your’s and everyone else eye. Take a look and see what everyone’s talking about. #lookup

Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield!

Finally do I get to say I saw the Arctic Monkeys in our home-town that is Sheffield – absolutely brilliant night so thought I’d post a couple of photos, albeit very similar and seemingly much further away than we actually were yesterday evening.





Student Radio Awards: What A Night!

Winners!Only now can I say that the two hours sleep ahead of an important review on Friday morning was totally worth it, as on Thursday night we were confirmed as the Best Student Radio Station in the country for a record fourth year running! Before I go on I just have to say a massive well done to everyone at URN (University Radio Nottingham) who put so much effort in during the last year and years before that, and to everyone who has helped make it one of the (if not the) best part of university life.

In typical URN fashion the hashtags started early, with the #SRAFunBus leaving Nottingham at lunchtime and arriving later that afternoon at the O2 in London. I have to quickly point out that if someone had made us go home by that point I’d have already had a really good day! After a quick dinner and a ‘few’ drinks we were allowed to enter the IndigO2 at around seven thirty and take our seats for the evening ahead. Note to the people at the O2, make the King’s Row safety bar higher with no gaps so phones cannot be thrown onto the tables of Radio 1 presenters below, no names mentioned. Speaking of presenters, I know they are just normal people but it was really weird walking around and seeing the likes of Greg James, Scott Mills etc. At one point I turned around to see Jameela Jamil from Radio 1 and a photo opp. was not to be missed. *She was not scared contrary to popular belief suggested on Facebook*

Jameela Jamil

Once the awards kicked off (well done to Greg James and Dave Berry who were thoroughly entertaining) the categories and awards started to fly by. During the evening we won six awards, including Gold for Giles Gear’s morning show which was great to witness! Skipping forward to the Best Station category, Bronze and Silver have been announced and I’ll admit that even though we hadn’t lost the faith, quite a few were apprehensive of the name that would be called out next. As you all know, thankfully our station was announced, and a mad stampede of URNners raced down from the Balcony to the stage. Whatever happened for the next few minutes is a surreal blur so I wish I took a video. Still on cloud nine we went backstage for photos and then out into the main room for the after-party, where myself and Matt were fortunate enough to bump into the likes of Scott Mills and Tim Westwood.

What an incredible night, let’s just hope we can repeat the success for a fifth year!

Scott Mills 2


Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge across River Thames

Garden-Bridge-by-Thomas-Heatherwick_dezeen_ss_2Images have recently been released (courtesy of Dezeen) showing the design for Thomas Heatherwick’s proposal for a ‘garden bridge’ stretching across the River Thames in central London. The new design is set to reconnect people to the river, of which the city is as we all know historically based on, and help drive pedestrian routes from the isolated Temple area on the north embankment over the busy roads and to the other side of the river. I can imagine it would be an amazing place to witness and experience London and its ever dynamic skyline. The green and quieter spaces it would also create in such a busy part of the city would be highly desirable and I can only hope the scheme goes ahead; it’s set for planning in 2014 with an aspired completion by 2017.




Classic Formula One Liveries on Today’s F1 Car

I was sent this by a friend just now and had to post it instantly. If you’re a Formula One fan and want to re-live some of the classic by-gone era’s of racing, then you will certainly enjoy this. Brought to you by ‘The SuperCar Kids’, below are a series of images of today’s modern F1 car, coated head to toe in some of the most recognisable colours and sponsors known to the sport.  The range includes the Brabham from the 70’s, to my personal favourite from the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Williams FW14, as well as numerous others.

williams fw141989/1990

benetton b192


brabham bt44b



 (Lotus 49) 1967/68

jordan ej11


hesketh 308b




mclaren mp4 4