Track of the Week: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

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‘Uptown Funk’, it does exactly what it suggests…and more. The new single from the ever creative musician and record producer Mark Ronson, is easily one of the best and freshest tracks I’ve heard in a while. I’m glad therefore that it reached no.1 in the UK charts last week, surprisingly Ronson’s first number one in this country. From the upcoming album Uptown Special, this spirited track sees Bruno Mars on lead vocals. As part of the album, Mark Ronson has also partnered some surprising acts including Tame Impala to make track ‘Daffodils’ – such an exciting combination of musicians. All I can say is that I’m very much looking forward to the release.

Super Basements of Kensington and Chelsea

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This week see’s new planning guidelines proposed to prevent the recent craze of plans for ‘mega-basements’ in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, such as the image above. Due to the current strict guidelines in this area to rightly protect the historic architecture and terrace-lined streets, the wealthier occupiers (and by wealthy, I’m talking super wealthy) have been trying to look for alternative space finding options.

The mega-basement design is, in my opinion and as you can see from the proposed section, boarding upon ridiculous. If this carried on there’d be a whole underground world for the rich in this part of West London, and I believe there have already been numerous complaints from the public who have been affected in some form by projects already under construction. I obviously accept that you may need to dig down to gain more space in what is an extremely expensive area, but not to this extent. As part of the new guidelines, listed buildings are not allowed new basements and underground extensions may be limited to a single storey only. It is expected that the new guidelines will become official sometime in January.

BBC Music Awards 2014

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If you haven’t heard, the inaugural BBC Music Awards (2014) will be broadcast this very evening from Earls Court, London, from 8pm onwards. For the first time, BBC 1, Radio 1 & Radio 2 join together to create what I’m hoping will be a star-studded spectacle of a show, celebrating British music in the form of live acts and several major awards. Presented by Fearne Cotton (Radio 1) and Chris Evans (Radio 2), the ceremony will be live across the three BBC outlets, becoming a night of celebration coinciding with the BBC Music brand’s first year in existence.

Must Hear Tracks! – Thur 4th Dec

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From now on I’m hoping to create a weekly post highlighting a few tracks that I’m listening to at the moment, and most importantly enjoying. I won’t lie, I do miss being able to talk rubbish about songs on the radio, so this is the next best thing!

Song: Left Hand Free Artist: Alt-J

Easily one of of my favourite tracks at the moment. Somehow smooth as hell, and filthy at the same time, ‘Left Hand Free’ sees Alt-J produce yet another surprising single as part of their latest album This Is All Yours. Funnily enough the band have already declared that this is the “least Alt-J song ever”, and apparently based on it on a cliché riff to please their US record label with a potential big hit single – for once a record label’s persistence paid off…


Song: Terrible Truths Artist: False Hope

This enchanting, rhythmic track from Terrible Truths is one I’ve only recently discovered, from a compilation album celebrating five years of independent label Bedroom Suck Records from Brisbane. Big fan of the vocals on False Hope, and am looking forward to hearing more from the post-punk band from Australia.


Song: Gold Coins Artist: Charli XCX

An electro-pop smash and grab, and another potential hit for Charli XCX who has now been involved with 10 top ten singles. A lack of gold coins will be not be an issue for this girl if she keeps producing creations like this!


Song: Cool Kids Artist: Echosmith

A four piece from LA made entirely of siblings, Echosmith are an indie-pop band influenced by Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen and Fleetwood Mac to mention just a few. In all honesty it took me some time to make my mind up about this track. I’m always very wary of the Paramore-esque combination of the typical american vocal over a repetitive muted guitar, and ‘Cool Kids’ kind of has that. But the dreamy surf-pop aspect to the single and softer vocals definitely won me over in the end.

I’m Back!

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So after what has been a very busy 12 months since my last post, I have decided to finally start blogging again, when time allows of course. And by ‘blogging’ I mean rambling, posting pretty pictures from time to time and hopefully sharing something of interest on a semi-regular basis. As well as posting architecture and design related writings, I’m hoping to channel much more music orientated posts and news than before, to go some way to filling the huge hole that student radio (or the lack of) has left me with.