Music: #NowPlaying 09.05.15

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Now Playing_Blog_150509Below three tracks that are particular favourites at the moment.

Reflections – Django Django

A band who I used to regularly play on student radio, this is a new track from the group’s second album three years after their self-titled debut release in 2012. Released just this week, the Mercury Prize nominated band have produced another exciting and eclectic album that picks up where they left off, and the song ‘Reflection’s is one that I’ve enjoyably been listening to more than others.

Gurdjieffs Daughter – Laura Marling

A song that starts off like Haim’s ‘Honey & I’, but quickly becomes Laura Marling’s own. I was instantly hooked by the melodic guitar notes that sit behind her vocals like a day-dreaming middle distance stare, the up and down vocals of which in themselves enhance this. No Soundcloud track for this, so here’s the video instead.

City – Spring King

A track I heard on the radio the other week that sounded extremely familiar, despite never having heard of the band before. On further investigation, it aptly became quite difficult to find information about Spring King apart from the mandatory Soundcloud page and obscure blog. What I do know though, is that ‘City’ is a track I very much like, and that’s why it’s one of my favourite songs this week.

Tour De Yorkshire

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With the third and final stage of the inaugural Tour De Yorkshire finishing yesterday, I thought I’d take a look back on an extremely successful weekend for the county, and indeed cycling, in the form of photos taken from around the web. Around 1.2 million are estimated to have watched from the side of the roads, an enormous figure for a race of this size.

TdY_Stage 1_1

Stage One – The Peleton

Photo: Bryn Lennon

TdY_Stage 1_2

Stage One – The riders en route to Scarborough.

Photo: Bryn Lennon

TdY_Stage 1_3

Stage One – Team Sky’s Lars Petter Nordhaug claims victory in Scarborough.

Photo: Bryn Lennon

TdY_Stage 2_2

Stage Two – Sprint finish in York.

Photo: Bryn Lennon

TdY_Stage 2_1

Stage Three – Riders climbing one of the many challenging ascents on the Cote de Cow and Calf.

Photo: Tim Goode

Tdy_Stage 3_1

Stage Three – Crowds gather on the cobblestone climb in Haworth.

Photo: Oli Scarff

University Project: The New Mediatheque

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Architecture / University

A1_JackBroadAs part of a student show this week, I’ve made an A1 board showcasing a selection of images from a project I completed in 2014 as a third year student at the University of Nottingham. Dubbed the ‘New Mediatheque’, the project is located in Marylebone, London. Feel free to click on the image to further inspect the board – I’ve also copied the text from the above image explaining the project to be more clearly read below:

“London is one of the most connected cities in the world; physically and virtually. It may be known for its historic river or financial power, but the media industry is one of the city’s biggest sectors. From within this idea of connectivity, along with the site’s fortunate positioning within central London, came the idea to utilise this sector and create a programme tailored to the site.

The programme has been influenced from the concept of the ‘Mediatheque’, a hybrid of library and media. Traditionally, solely a source of information, I plan to create an adaptation to coincide with my own intentions for Marylebone, creating a blank canvas for a digital campus – or the ‘New Mediatheque‘ – where individuals and smaller businesses can obtain information and utilise facilities to further enhance their projects.

The intended programme aims to not only house the collection of information, but to also facilitate the application of it as well.

One key idea is the inclusion of ‘Personal Mediatheques’: personal spaces for study, a place to obtain information and learn. Essentially archival, they contain libraries and data on a vast range of film and audio. In combination with these spaces, collaborative zones are sensitively placed nearby to encourage cross-working.”

Music: #NowPlaying 25.04.15

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Now Playing_Blog_150425Three tracks that I’m listening to a lot at the moment. What is usually a weekly blog feature I am going to be now writing at least twice a week. There’s nothing better than finding a new hidden track, or a rediscovering an older one, so hopefully these posts will go some way to doing that for people reading this.

Wonderlust – Kid Wave

First up this week is another four-piece based in London in the form of Kid Wave. It pains me to say this but I’ve only come across their music for the first time this week.  Kid Wave have been supporting Palma Violets this year, and with their debut album out on 1st June called ‘Wonderlust’ is a band that, similar perhaps to Wolf Alice, make me very excited about their current and future music. Already with a solid library of dream-gazing, 90’s Alt-pop tracks, for this post I struggled on which song to pick, so went in the end with the title track Wonderlust. Another track I’m much fond of is called Honey.

Never Going Home – Hazel English

Born in Australia, based in California, Hazel English brings us her debut track Never Going Home. I don’t know whether the single artwork is influencing this or not, but you can’t help but be transported to a summer’s day with imagery of a golden haze. A wistful and refreshing tune that is ever so relaxing and we say it time and time again, but will be perfect for summer – that is if the British weather plays its part.

Honestly Do Yr Worst – Joanna Gruesome

I think what I find appealing about the band from Wales, is the combination (or should I say the contrast) between the melodic pop gold and their inner tempered punk rockers. This track is the epitome of that concept, and has been well received with plentiful time on the BBC 6Music playlist. A short and sweet, snappy single of which I hope there’s more to follow.

Music: #NowPlaying

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Now Playing_Blog_150416

When I used to present my student radio show back at university, every week alongside it I would post the setlist and music I played out. Now without it, I try to post my favourite tracks and artists every now and then to share what I’m listening to. Below are three bands and tracks that are being put on repeat this week.

Giant Peach – Wolf Alice

A four-piece that I’ve been following for a while now, and am very happy to see them finally receiving some much deserved limelight after an organic and natural growth as a group. It’s hard to pin down a genre for Wolf Alice, but after seeing them live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire the other week, I don’t think that’s a problem. For a band that have only just announced their debut album – ‘My Love Is Cool’ – I couldn’t begin to apprehend the support and atmosphere that followed their electric set in West London. Below is one of the singles from the album, Giant Peach.

Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down – The Vaccines

Again a band I’ve been fond of for some time, and with a string of releases of late ahead of their upcoming second album ‘English Graffiti’, including the latest single Dream Lover, I’ve been taken back to an EP brought out between the two. Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down features on the ‘Melody Calling’ EP and is a track that has just got better with each play. The Vaccines do guitar pop so well, and I can’t wait to (at some point) see them live and witness what will hopefully be a punching set of pop guitar and catchy drum beats. However this track is a little different though. It still has a riff you could play on repeat, but with the combination of more sombre lyrics and sounds than we’re used to it makes for one of the more intriguing Vaccines tracks.

Nobody’s Empire – Belle and Sebastian

I heard snippets of this track from the Glaswegian band on numerous occasions before fully immersing into the album and of course this single itself. With a lot of play time, particularly on BBC 6music, it has become a current favourite of mine for the time being, and for once I can’t quite pinpoint why. A song where I think I actually prefer the verses to the chorus, this melodic track definitely has the right ingredients. Have a listen and see what you think.

Tour de Yorkshire: Jerseys Unveiled

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If you’re not a cycling fan, or just simply not aware, the first weekend of May sees Yorkshire host its very own three-day cycling race after what can only be described as an extremely successful couple of days launching last year’s Tour de France. I’m a little disappointed to say the least that it won’t be heading through Sheffield this time (after such a huge turnout last summer) although I will be eagerly awaiting the race which has some of the ‘bigger’ teams in racing involved.

For every race though, you need jerseys, to distinguish the leading cyclists of the various categories. In the past few days these have been unveiled by the Tour, and I have added them to this blog post below. As well as the three main jerseys you get in most races, albeit a variety of colours from race to race, the Tour’s twitter account has stated that there will be a “groundbreaking announcement” tomorrow regarding the final jersey, something not seen before in cycling – so keep your eyes peeled.

Leader’s Jersey

TDY_Leaders Jersey

Climbers Jersey

TDY_Climbers Jersey

Sprinters Jersey

TDY_Sprinters Jersey