Twenty Three Days in America

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Film / Travel

I’ve finally finished editing and compiling footage from my recent trip around North America this summer. It’s culminated in a short film documenting the 23 days I spent travelling around the U.S.A along with three mates from home. Made up of 1 to 5 second clips taken each day, the film documents some of the moments from the three weeks, as we travelled by road and plane to 7 major cities and 12 states.

Filmed using an iPhone 5C and edited with Adobe Premiere CC.

New York City High Line: Diagrammatic Drawings

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Architecture / Cities / Design / University

The High Line_A3-03

Two illustrative diagrams of the High Line in New York City, a preview of which I showed in the previous post. Simple and clear line drawings allowing for for various site and urban analysis, for example highlighting the key architectural developments since completion (below) or locating event space along the High Line (above). Just two of a number of diagrammatic drawings of the High Line.

The High Line_A3-02

Drawing the New York High Line

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Architecture / Cities

151006_High Line Drawing Stage 1

Just thought I’d share a quick image from the first project back at university. I’m currently in the process of drawing up the famous New York City High Line as part of an urban studies catalogue project to start the term. At the moment I’m finishing up the base line drawing. From this, as a group of three, we’re hoping to extract and analyse information about the High Line through a series of drawings based on this one, which I’ll post when finished.

I was fortunate enough to visit New York this summer, and this stretch of Manhattan was arguably my favourite part of the city. Hopefully the videos I’m putting together from the trip will be on here at some point in the near future as well.

Music: Now Playing 16.08.15

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Now Playing_Blog_150816

Sequence – Stealing Sheep

Arguably one of the more stranger bands that I’d happily listen to, and definitely one of the most interesting musically. I first came across the trio from Liverpool when I heard the track Greed – also from their second album ‘Not Real’ – which has an intriguing tribalistic and hypnotic introduction, aptly fitting with the previous statement. Sequence is the opening track from the album, and like many of the others, is worth a headphones session to ensure a proper listen.

Sur la Planche – La Femme

I have to admit that I discovered this French group through the latest Renault ‘Captur’ tv ad. I believe the title translates to On the Board (with regards to surfing) and away from this line I have little knowledge of the meaning of the lyrics throughout the rest of the single. Nonetheless a very catchy and quick paced track that I can enjoy without having a clue as to what story is being told, which is always a good sign.

Le Chrome et le Coton – Jérôme Echenoz

I seem to be following some sort of theme this week, as my third and final track for this post is also French, and also discovered through a TV advertisement for a car (Citroen DS3 if you’re interested).  What I enjoy about this track is the narrative it creates between the two characters singing, and for once enjoy the consistency of the slow paced music throughout. If you’re wondering, the English translation for the title is Chromium and Cotton.